Retreat on Blue Mountain

 Home Features


General Property

Property is entire quarter section, 160 acres, bordered on the south (view direction) by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) forest and the Olympic National Park.  First privately-owned property outside Park.

Entire 160 acres has always been forest land.  First harvest was in the early 1900s with second harvest in the mid-to late 1970s.  Current third growth stand was planted 1979-1982.  Timber consists mainly of Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.

Forest Stewardship Plan is on file with the county.  Property is recognized as a Stewardship Forest and listed with the American Tree Farm Association as a “Green” Tree farm. 

Green Crow Timber has forest-maintenance-only access (with notification to property owners) to their forest located to the west of subject property by using the south-80 logging road.  Green Crow has never used the road in 18 years.

The shale pit on the north side of the property is not currently being used.  If leveled, the area might be used as a helicopter landing site.  The pit is accessed from the house and main driveway by the construction-access road.  A conditional use permit (CUP) from Clallam County would be needed to construct landing site and possible hangar.

Offset properties are zoned at 20 acres.  With Clallam County conditional use approval (CUP), the property could possibly be zoned to 20-acre parcels for further development.  Precedent has been set by offset properties.

Several cleared, flat locations suitable for additional structures are located on the property.  Some were old timber landings.  Additional structures would be subject to approval by Clallam County.

Property is currently ready or soon to be ready for commercial thinning for profit to encourage the forest growth.

Beautiful property on which to develop trails to enhance the forest enjoyment and quiet peacefulness.

During most of the time the only man-made sound to be heard is the occasional plane overhead.  Owners’ favorite sounds of the property are the deep-throated calls of the nesting grouse pairs which return every spring to hatch and raise their young and the water rippling down the waterfalls and streams on its way to the pond.  It’s so quiet you can hear the flapping of bird wings, as they fly overhead.


exterior home & mechanical features

Winding main ½-mile long driveway from Blue Mountain Road to home is asphalted.  Blue Mountain Road can also be accessed from the home by the fairly-flat back construction road on property.

East Fork of Siebert Creek flows through property.  In some areas the flowing water can be heard.

Professional landscaped with extensive sprinkler system. Two man-made streams with numerous waterfalls and arching wooden bridges feed into the 18,000-gallon, man-made pond. The system is on a recirculating pump for water-saving efficiency. The pond also is equipped with level-measuring devices, which will automatically turn on water to fill, if level of pond gets low.

Accessory building contains 25Kw generator with critical circuit system and automatic transfer switch when power fails. Nearly all home and garage circuits are connected to the generator including heat pump, well pump, water system, and interior outlets.

  • Buried, owned 500-gallon propane tank

  • 1000-gallon water-holding tank for storage is connected to the well

  • Water-softening system located in basement

  • Commercial-grade fire sprinkler system located in home, basement, and garage

  • 3-bay garage has water connection with on-demand water heater installed May 2019.  Garage is wired for satellite TV and Wi-Fi. 

  • Large garage could be converted to additional living space if needed.  It is connected to the main home by a covered portico. 

  • On-demand water heater with instant hot-water pump installed in basement in August 2015.

  • New HVAC system with generator-compatible heat pump and back-up heating coils installed in basement in July 2014.

  • Monitored security system with fire/smoke detectors and CCTV at gate callbox connection to view in home

  • Automatic landscape irrigation system

  • Class A (fire-retardant) 45-year roof

  • Media room is wired for 7.2 sound, overhead projector and screen.


home features

Architect was Murray Arnott, award-winning designer of one-of-a-kind, contemporary log homes

Home was won numerous awards and has been featured in several magazine and newspaper articles.

  1. 2006 International Logbuilders’ Association Best Project

  2. 2007 American Residential Design Awards – Second Place awards in Custom Luxury Division for Best Single-Family Home and Most Creative Kitchen

  3. 2007 Log Home Design Awards Most Creative Use of Windows

Design is piece-in-piece log construction.

Logs are from Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) British Columbia and are Western Red Cedar.

Logs were hand hewn, hand scribed, and notched.  No machine milling was used.  All log features are hand crafted.

Numerous interior and exterior logs are “flared butt”, which means portions of the roots were uncovered and the cut was made below ground level. 

Front entry is four naturally arched “eccentric” logs.  The attached barrel roof has a copper-clad exterior.

Stone was mined in Montana and is called Antique Montana Rubble.  100 tons of this stone was used in the construction of the home.

Three fireplaces lead off the central chimney which is 40’ high and has a 26’+ circumference.

Great room is approximately 2000sf in area.

Partially finished 2000+sf basement has seven rooms with plumbing and electricity installed.   These rooms could be finished as livable space for wine cellar, media room, games room, etc.

Home is surrounded on the south and west sides by 1400+sf two-level, slate-covered deck which allows for peaceful mountain viewing and beautiful sunsets. 

Easy conversion for interior access to basement through the pantry or craft room.

Winding staircase was constructed using hand-hewn and hand-scribed naturally “eccentric” branches of various forest woods by a master craftsman and his assistant over a 9-month period.

All three fireplaces currently are set up on propane, but the great room fireplace can be easily converted to log burning.

Master bathroom floor is radiant heated.

Due to all of the unique artisan features of the home such as rounded corners, slate flooring throughout the home, hand-cut and hand-scribed clear cedar wood ceiling in the great room, the home took one year to design and an additional two years to construct.