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 Construction Details


The Log & Timber Specialists

Building to the highest standards and quality levels of the custom log home building industry is important to Nicola Logworks. Helping their customers and their customer’s design-build team understand the unique characteristics of log home joinery and the organic features of wood saves both time and money during construction by ensuring that the project will be completed to the quality levels that their customers expect. To that end they like to be included in the early design and planning stages of a project – whether it is a residential log and timber home or commercial project featuring Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT) or glulam.

Murray Arnott Design

Murray Arnott Design is a small highly-focused team of design professionals based out of Ontario, Canada. Their philosophy, experience and process allow them to work with individuals in all regions of North America and around the world to produce exceptional one-of-a-kind log homes, timber frame homes and post and beam homes using principles of timeless sustainable design. They apply the same philosophy to luxury homes and small inexpensive homes. And they carry it into all planning, from kitchen and bathroom design to bedrooms and laundry rooms.